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microapps is a technology company with a worldwide distributed team across more than 5 countries. We’re building the next generation of Social & Mobile Apps.

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Dave Radparvar
MoonMail Recover Checkouts is great! We started using it many months ago and it has been one of our favorite apps. The greatest part is that it quantifies the results so we can actually see how much money it is making us. Definitely recommended!
Dave Radparvar
Co-founder of Holstee
Blair Beckwith
microapps has built a suite of tools that helps thousands of our merchants worldwide. They're really powerful and useful for most of our merchants.
Blair Beckwith
Shopify App Store Manager
Craig Dalton
MoonMail Recover Checkouts has been a great addition to our Shopify Store. Contact customers post abandonment has enabled us to collect valuable data on what drives (or prevents) purchase. We recover sales daily from this application and recommend it to other store owners.
Craig Dalton
Co-founder of DODOcase