Shopify Quantity Breaks, how to discount like a master!

Wholesale business has always been a complicated and sore topic of ecommerce. From the days of manual entry to days of limited amount of wholesale groups. We have been a part of the wheel since 2011, trying to help customers achieve better experience selling wholesale online, specifically focusing on Shopify.

As the number of our merchants grew, so did the demands. In the day and age where customer is always right, our merchants were struggling to create a differentiating experience for their customers in order to achieve the best competitive advantage. Having products discounted by fixed amount or a discount (Wholesaler link) wasn’t cutting it anymore. The world of wholesale has advanced.

Enter super wholesale, a.k.a Shopify Quantity Breaks. Process is quite straight forward. If you buy more you get a discount. Simple, right? Not so much. What if you need to give the discounts to certain subset of customers? What if you want to give it to everyone who’s registered? What if you wan tto offer wholesale at the same time? What if you want to mix and match? As with everything in life, complexity crept in really fast.

As pioneers in the area of wholesale, we saw it coming. However, we weren’t able to comprehend the magnitude of the trend that was coming. Lucikly, we are fast learners and work in a very agile environment so we began to adapt. We inspected what’s out in the market, talked to over 4000 wholesale customers and began drafting a sketch of the future. We called it Quantity Breaks PRO (link).

I know what you’re thinking. How’s that app of yours any different than … insert app name … The answer is actually quite simple. We introduced it very recently, just after Shopify opened new APIs (fancy term for programming tricks). That allowed us to do few novel things and do them right. Leveraging our knowledge of wholesale, we kept the tiers, thus giving our merchants the ability to limit the breaks to a subset of customers, while keeping the flexibility to assign it to anyone and everyone in a single click. Simplicity is one of its most important features. Not only simplicity in use but also simplicity in installation. Some Shopify themes are notorious for being extremely challenging to install apps on, however leveraging new tricks helped us create an app that will literally work on any theme – our logic was: think lowest common denominator across all themes.

But, wait, there’s more 🙂 Most apps that dealt with different pricing were plagued by one problem. Variant duplication. Essentially, if you have 3 levels of pricing you would see 3 variants in your Shopify admin. Imagine having a “Toy” product. I will choose a Ninja Turtles. We know there are 4: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Rafael. Imagine now you have me, Milan Balaban who’s your customer and you’re trying to sell me ninja turtles. I want to buy 4 Leonardos in order to give them as a Christmas gift to my friends (we all loved Leo so much). You set the rules: if Milan buys 1-3 he gets no discount, if he buys 4-8 he gets 20% off. Sounds great, I’m ready to buy. However, by using the old apps you would have 2 variants of the product now (Leonardo 1-3 and Leonardo 4-8). You would dynamically have to filter those and if you change the theme (or something goes wrong), anyone could buy the 4-8 variant even if they buy just 1. Whoops! Not a great sight especially during the holidays.

To sort that out, we created something we call: on-the-fly discounting. It’s exactly what it sounds like. We do display the adjusted prices of the products but we don’t modify the products themselves. Thus, you just keep your variants and there are no duplicates. Only at the time of the checkout, our app does the super smart calculations and applies the appropriate discounts to the whole cart and voila, I’m already being shipped my 4 ninja turtles so I can relive my good childhood memories. This was probably the single most innovative wholesale ecommerce move and we are extremely glad to be the pioneers in the field.

Luckily, these strategies are also applicable to the full host of applications that deal with the same issue. In addition to creating bulk selling champion, Shopify Quantity Breaks, we also used it to improve our wholesale experience by creating the Wholesaler PRO, which we will talk about very soon. Stay tuned, keep calm and sell stuff!

Shopify Quantity Breaks