What can be a better way to spent offsite time than jumping into local activities full of adrenaline, and cultural, historical vibes? Menorca was an amazing offsite trip which microapps took last year but this year we had to do something even more inspiring and uniting us as a team. We choose festival of La Patum in Berga which for sure met all our expectations!

Berga and La Patum

Berga is a little town located in the province of Barcelona heading towards Andorra. This historic town is mostly famous for its two festivals La Patum and Els Elois. Both festivals are very traditional and are taking place only in Berga. The celebration of La Patum always takes place during the Corpus Christi each year and is lasting for 5 days. It consists of dances, mythical figures, drums, music, and fire. The festival is so unique that it was declared by UNESCO as the oral and intangible heritage of Humanity.

microapps offsite in Berga

First part: Arrival and preparation for La Patum

La Patum Berga

Eager to live a very unique experience of Berga the microapps team took a couple of days off-site time from their agenda and on Wednesday flew to Barcelona all fully prepared for La Patum. After a couple of hours driving and dropping bags in the hotel everyone head towards the museum of Berga in order to get to know the meaning and the origins of the celebration which dates back all the way to the Middle Age. The short video of La Patum made everyone sense the significance of the celebration. In order to continue with warming up for the celebration, the team went to the main square called Plaça Sant Pere where the main celebration took place. Tons of people filled the square very quickly making it hard to move around and escape from running around and burning everything that is in their ways mythological creatures called Les Guites. The sound of drums which gives the name of the celebration together with dances performed by other symbolic figures such as The Giants, The old and the New Dwarfs, Turks and Little Knights made the atmosphere even more special. The entire team got involved in the celebration by dancing, singing and imitating the sound of the drum Pa-Tum.

The same Wednesday evening as every year the team recorded the video singing the song chosen for this year offsite. The song was chosen based on La Patum and fire burned during the celebration. EN PEU DE GUERRA song also known as BIG BANG by ELS CATARRES was a real challenge for most of the team members. Everyone tried to help each other and learnt the words which were in Catalan as well as practice singing the song which some parts were for sure a real challenge due to the fast rhythm. The friendly competition between each other was initiated by offering a prize for the one who learns the most words and sings the best during the video shoot. After singing everyone shaken hands, watched the parade of giants walking around the streets of Berga and relaxed before the big La Patum day, Thursday.

Second part: water activity and the big day of La Patum

La Patum Berga

What can be a better way to relax and to get more energy for the full night of celebration than spending some time in nature and doing some water sports? In order to know better Berga and its surroundings, microapps team went outside the city for a kayaking activity to one of the most beautiful places in the region called Pantà de la Baells. Water, mountains, trees, and waterfall as well as the guided tour with kayaks for sure did its magic and made everyone in love with the surroundings of Berga.

Full of energy gained at the swamp of Berga, in the evening microapps team head to the main square of Berga to celebrate the biggest day of La Patum. The Placa Sant Pere was insanely full of people ready to dance and “burn the fire”. microapps team was able to see the full performances of Turks and Little Knights, Les Guites, The Old and New Dwarfs, The Giants together with the performance of the main mythical creature called L’Àliga (The Eagle). The magic night of La Patum was ended with the fire and pyrotechnics. Some microapps team members even decided to experience the adrenaline and get the real feeling of what is like to be surrounded by tons of people dancing and seeing the fireworks dropping and exploding just next to you. Although some minor burns were unavoidable everyone enjoyed the celebration by 100%.

Berga and its festival La Patum was the amazing experience. However, It was a time for microapps team to head back to the office and work on even better e-commerce solutions for our current and future customers. Nevertheless, we wanted you all loyal clients to experience at least a small part of what we lived in Berga. Thus, find the video as a gift with lots of love from entire microapps team!