Microapps Team In Menorca Fun Fresh Strong Attitude

End of the year requires recharging microapps team’s energy, and this time the best place to do so was the little sister of Mallorca. Team building, business recap, and roadmap scrums were performed during 5 days in Menorca.

Business Recap & Roadmap

In order to let the new ideas and strategies flow, the reflection of the last year results is crucial. As a result, the comparison of the last year results to the year of 2015 was presented of all the sectors of the company. We achieved 800 Github stars in MoonMail. We transitioned over a million euros with MONEI over the year of 2016. The number of Shopify stores using our apps in 2016 increased by 6% in comparison to the previous year, and we did over 400 customizations and wholesaler installations during the year. With Amazon consultancy, we added 2 more customers, and on our Seller Central account (FBA) we sold over 200 000 pounds worth of products only in the UK market.

microapps team in Menorca fun fresh strong attitude

The roadmap and objectives of each department were reflected and reminded again. We covered the improvements needed for MoonMail and MONEI. For our Seller Central account (FBA) we discussed the possibility to diversify our inventory. When it comes to Amazon consultancy, we looked at strategies on how to onboard more customers, and make it more efficient.

microapps Team Building Activities

microapps knows that a good relationship between coworkers is very important in making a business thrive. Thus, Menorca trip was very heavily focused on strengthening a good vibe between the microapps team members. Kayaking from Cala Galdana not only served as a fun activity but also as a perfect exercise in peers. It was perfect to improve the coordination between small groups, improve communication and listening skills. The boat trip, which took place the next day, allowed the entire team to spend some quality time together. It really helped everyone to get to know each other and to connect.

microapps team in Menorca fun fresh strong attitude
Probably the most exciting activity which microapps team got to take part of was San Juan(Saint John) celebration at Ciutadella. The celebration is the biggest event of the year in the island. It attracts an enormous amount of visitors from Catalonia and even from the entire Europe! The excitement to see the horses jumping and running on the narrow streets, being surrounded by a huge crowd of people and at the same time not to get lost was challenging. Thus, the trust and importance to help to one another, sticking to the plan and work as a team was crucial. At the end of the day, everyone had an unforgettable experience. Team members felt for sure more confident with each other and the importance of every member was more than clear.

microapps team in Menorca fun fresh strong attitude

microapps is back to the office to work on making the company and its services even better than ever before. The new ideas are already put into practice and implemented in MONEI, MoonMail, Shopify apps and customizations as well as Amazon part of the business. We are ready to provide even more solutions and even more efficient customer care for you!

P.S. Would you like to see with your own eyes how we spent our time in Menorca? Check out the official video by clicking here