Are you’re already selling with Shopify or you want to start or transition your business to ecommerce? We can help you on the setup process to be selling using 2 online channels: Retail + Wholesale. Welcome to the Shopify Wholesale party!

microapps has been working with Shopify merchants for more than 7 years now and some of them have become to be multi million dolar companies with the help of the microapps Shopify bureau.

Most of the big names on the microapps porftolio (DODOCase, Woodies…), did the great jump when deciding to offer their products to Wholesalers and Distributors. This move, made their products be much more visible not online but offline!

If you’re thinking on doing your next step to become a multi million dolar company, consider using Shopify+Wholesaler. With one only Shopify store and our powerful App, you’ll be able to offer your products to multiple type of Wholesalers without the hassle to be managing different digital platforms.

Take a look at the Shopify Wholesaler App or Wholesaler PRO App if you’re willing to do the big step now.