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We’re looking for the following talented mates. Please if you have any general question about microapps, Málaga or the open positions, send an email to HR Manager: Olga Zalite at olga.zalite@microapps.com

Quick facts abut Spain and Málaga:

- Spain has the richest man in the world: Amancio Ortega Inditex (Zara) owner.

- Spaniards celebrate the New Year by eating 12 grapes, one for each bell strike of the clock.

- Spain produces more than 50% of all the olive oil produced in the world. And Jaen (pretty close to Málaga) is the most productive region in Spain.

- Málaga airport is the 4th in Spain in terms of passenger volume with 13.748.976 people travelling to and from Málaga in the whole 2014.

- Spaniards have 2 surnames. The first one is your father's one and the second one is your mothers one.

- Spain is a constitutional monarchy. BUT neither the constitution orthe  kings have been voted and democratically elected by a vast majoritiy of the young population. Not to say the 12 members of the Constitutional Court are totally politicized, so its impartiality is now cuestioned.

- Spanish, is the second most popular language in the world.

- Spain has 5 official languages: Spanish, Catalan (or Valencian), Galician, Euskera & Aranes.

- Spain's economy is the 13rd in the world out of a list of 193 countries (United Nations source).

- Siesta is a myth you should know about: Between the hours of 2pm and 5pm, Spain shuts down to allow the locals to rest after a long and hectic morning and prepare for the busy afternoon. But here at microapps we work from 9:00 to 14:00, we go for lunch and keep working from 15:00 to 19:00. That way we have the friday afternoon free, by working a total of 40 hours/week which is what labour law dictates.

- Public Health System is one of the best in the world. Companies are forced by law to pay for health coverage for any employee. If someone gets really sick s/he will always want to be treated in a public hospital instead of a private one. Curious eh!?

- Tortillas in Spain are not the same as tortillas elsewhere. You will not find corn or flour tortillas in Spanish dishes. In Spain, tortilla española refers to a very popular and delicious egg and potato dish. Spaniards use the word “tortitas” to refer to flour/corn tortillas.

- Spain is home to the world´s largest tomato fight: La Tomatina, celebrated every year in a village of Valencia.

1.- Senior Front End Developer (in-house - relocation offered) (2 positions available)

We’re looking for someone who’s done more than just dabble in JS while doing front end development in HTML and CSS – we need a serious JavaScript Engineer.

needs to be familiar with:

  • JavaScript

  • Css3

  • Html5

  • Git

2.- Junior Back End Developer (node.js) (in-house - relocation offered)

We’re looking for someone who’s proficient in JavaScript either on the server side or browser side. You’ll eventually need to be good at server side JavaScript, but we can support you while learning. You will be responsible for scaling, improving and maintaining our Node.js projects.

needs to be familiar with:

  • Node.js

  • JavaScript / CofeeScript

  • Css3 / html5

  • MongoDB

  • Redis

  • Aws / Heroku

  • Git

3.- Senior Back End Developer (Ruby On Rails) (in-house - relocation offered) (2 positions available)

We’re looking for someone who has at least 2 years of proven Ruby on Rails experience. You'll be responsible for scaling, improving and maintaining our Ruby on Rails projects.

needs to be familiar with:

  • Ruby on Rails

  • JavaScript / CofeeScript

  • Css3 / html5

  • MongoDB

  • Redis

  • Aws / Heroku

  • Git

4.- Apps Marketing Guru (in-house - relocation offered) (2 positions available)

We’re looking for someone who has experience in the marketing and promotion of Software tools. You’ll be responsible for promoting and sharing the microapps ecosystem.

needs to be familiar with:

  • Social Media

  • Cloud tools

  • Internet in the broadest sense

  • Great writing skills

  • Fluent english is a must

5.- Customer Technical Support Guru (in-house - relocation offered) (2 positions available)

We are looking for highly motivated, technically minded individuals with a passion for IT. In this role you will form part of a global team dedicated to supporting our clients on all technical issues predominantly related to the SAAS products we deliver worldwide. You will be providing technical support to our global clients; assisting with software (web) issues and other technical issues in a department that encourages innovation and forward thinking.

Customer Technical Support Guru is an exciting role that offers endless opportunities for individuals that are driven, highly-motivated, and eager to learn. You will be expected to provide outstanding customer service and use your communication and language skills whilst working with the most powerful tools in the email marketing, digital payments and ecommerce industry today. You will be given the opportunity to gain invaluable technical experience as well as liaise closely with other departments to generate new ideas, explore new developments, and investigate complex issues.

- Provide technical support to our customers globally by means of telephone, chat and email.
- Ensure all requests are logged and updated daily using our ticketing system.
- Maintain an outstanding customer service focus whilst dealing with clients.
- Ensure all team members have the latest information on all ongoing issues by sharing knowledge and updates.

- A good understanding of IT products and principles
- Excellent listening, problem solving and analytical skills
- Exceptional communication skills
- Competitive Salary + Benefits

6.- Product Manager

As a Product Manager, you’ll work with our passionate Developer, Marketing, Sales and Community teams, bridging the gap between the technical and business worlds. You’ll be acting as the user’s agent in every project you’re involved with, in every feature you imagine, and in every product you deliver. You’ll have the opportunity to do a lot.  You can expect during the first year:

  • Get onboarded. You’ll spend a lot of time learning about our products, building rapport with the product, marketing, community and sales teams, and building small features.
  • Start taking on projects of your own. You’ll take an idea and turn it into a prototype, talk to the community on Meta, pitch your project to the rest of the company, and run a detailed testing plan.
  • You can expect to own a major product area.  You’ll be involved not just in product development, but in improving on our processes and planning the roadmap for your team.

We like to work in public. Not only does that mean being open within the company about what the product team is building, we try and bring the community in as soon as we’re able.  Some examples of big projects we’re working on with the community presently are:



Your responsibilities will include:

  • Proposing new products and features and pitching them to the company and community
  • Creating detailed feature specs and mockups, and working with developers to create rapid prototypes
  • Defining and monitoring metrics to determine the effectiveness of features, and administer split tests to learn whether a change is an improvement
  • Interacting with our community of developers and employers to gather ideas and feedback.
  • Developing go-to-market strategies with marketing and the sales team
  • Managing complex cross-functional projects

Our requirements:

  • Experience coming up with ideas for, building, and shipping web software
  • Experience managing products, even if your title was not “product manager”. You might have been a startup founder, a lead developer or designer passionate about user experience, etc., but you have some experience coordinating multiple people to get something done.
  • Strong UX skills and spec-writing skills
  • An understanding of the technical implications of what you ask the team to do
  • Excellent telecommuting skills.  Even if you work from one of our offices, many of our team members are remote
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly through written word (whether that's meta or forum posts, specs, blogging, or anything else)


microapps is an equal opportunities employer and we welcome applications from all backgrounds regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or any other classification protected by law.

microapps is a technology company with a worldwide distributed team  across more than 5 countries. We make human web apps to live inside platforms such as: Shopify, and AWS. We also swim in the digital payments ecosystem. And we also have self-sufficient projects such as MoonMail. microapps is bootstrapped with no VC pressing for growth. We do fun things because we feel them. We love the web and you should too. We are ideally looking for people who have worked on high availability transactional systems, helping to analyse, design and implement improvements to ensure they can scale effectively, and understand the challenges in building a large, complex web application.

If you want to be part of our team, besides of your concrete position skills, we ask you to:

  • Speak & write fluent english (any other EU language is a plus)

  • Be a proactive person

  • Be a proactive coder: Your GitHub repos and your Stack Overflow profile are your business card

  • High knowledge of all the Internet environment in its broader concept

If you end up being part of our in-house team, you get from us:

  • A highly motivated and talented team where you can learn a lot from

  • Flexible timetable

  • Free access to huge sports facilities

  • Competitive base salary

  • Create your own workstation with any type of equipment

  • Free catered meals from local restaurants (yes you have a monthly Ticket Restaurant booklet for you)

  • Share of profits

  • Snacks and drinks in the office

  • Flat organizational structure that ensures your influence on products we build

  • A beach 5 minutes from work


If you're interested in any of the above positions, please send an email to olga.zalite@microapps.com with your C/V, GitHub or Stack Overflow username.

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