Why Join Our Team

Hey there! Here’s some good news for geeky developers and nerdy everyone who wants to work at microapps. At this very moment we have three jobs available: Node.JS Senior, Front-end Senior and iOS Senior. If you feel like you are just the right person to join our team and we still don’t know about you — make sure to send an email to hi@microapps.com or apply using our We’re hiring page. And in case if you’re still doubting, here’s some yummy information about our small and joyful team.

First of all, if you like food just as much as we do — you’re more than welcome to join our small community. We have snacks all over the place! (both, healthy and not really). If it’s your Birthday, you’re going to receive a delicious cake and get a chance to blow candles and make a wish once again. But if you’re not into sweets and pastry, it’s totally fine! You’re going to get a fruit salad or anything else you wish, and others will still get a cake to celebrate your day 😛  We also go out to have dinner at some fancy place when it’s Christmas time or any other big occasion. And, last but not least, we’re about to launch our Cooking Party events where all the members of our team will be gathering together to create awesomeness based on particular type of cuisine.

Even though we look like grown-ups, our inner kids are alive and blooming! Couple of times a month we let them out by playing board games and doing other fun activities. Do you think you could become a champion of “Catan” or be the best (or worst) Saboteur? I’m not sure because we’re damn good at it! (well, everyone besides  “He Who Cannot Be Named”) And in general, we love strategies and everything that can make your brains “burn”. As for other activities, they’re different each time. Tomorrow, for example, we feel like trying out local “Escape room” where you have to solve complicated riddles during particular amount of time. And next month we might just go jumping on a trampoline. Why? Because we can and it’s cool.

Besides, our team is one big cultural exchange itself. We are from Spain, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Italy, Kazakhstan and even Cuba. We all speak English but in case if you’ve always wanted to learn, for example, Russian, you’ll get a chance to practice it! And if you don’t speak Spanish and think that it’s a problem to move here, I can assure you that it’s completely fine. 30% of our team members speak just a little Spanish and one particular person can only order food. But guess what? It doesn’t prevent him from happy life in Malaga! 🙂

And, speaking of Malaga, if you haven’t read this post yet, here’s a brief list of reasons why it’s such a nice place to live in. The most obvious one is, of course, weather. Does it rain here? Maybe one time per two months. Does it ever snow? Nope. Do you have to wear warm gloves and hats? Nope. Is there a trick? Nope! It’s really cool over here. People are friendly and helpful, atmosphere is relaxing, place is beautiful, food is delicious…And dogs! They have lots of them and love them. And I don’t even want to start speaking about beach season and everything Costa del Sol has to offer…

Anyway, I hope that after reading this you don’t have any doubts anymore and you know exactly why join our team. And if you’re not a developer yourself but you have friends who’re Jedais of coding, you could win 300$ Amazon Gift Card 🎁 if we hire them. Which is basically a giveway! To participate you need to:

  1. Have cool developers among your friends
  2. Tell them about our company and share this link
  3. Leave a comment with your friend’s name
  4. Get your reward once he’s hired!

Yep, it’s that simple. Have a nice day everyone!