Do you remember those days when people were obsessed with facebook, twitter, pinterest and other revolutionary tools? I do, and this obsession is a long-lasting thing because all of them started with a very simple idea which, eventually, changed our lives. We’ve learnt how to express our thoughts using less than 140 characters, build stronger relationships thanks to social media and simply become more productive. And today I want to talk about one more tool called Anchor. It’s brand new, extremely addictive and has great potential.

Anchor is an application which allows to discover this whole new world full of online debates, group conversations and limitless inspiration. Currently it’s available for iOS users only, but taking in consideration how popular it is, I’m sure they’ll make it available for Android very soon. If you want to know what people think about new technologies, global warming or if in 10 years people end up using flying cars like in “The Fifth Element” movie, you can just recorder your question and receive answers within minutes!

In a way Anchor takes after Twitter a bit. If you want to recorder your question, it should be no longer than 2 minutes. I find this approach really useful because just as Twitter has taught us better writing, Anchor might teach us to do better talking. As for example, when I installed it several days ago, I was able to recorder my voice response only after 5 attempts. The thing is that till today we’ve been mastering out typing skills: sending emails, messaging people on facebook, whatsapp, slack, viber, instagram… And maybe sometimes skyping and having group calls using hangouts. We’ve become really good at pushing “like” buttons and quick shallow reading. But do we even talk and listen to each other as we used to 15 years ago? Not always.

Even though Anchor is an application, it feels like the most “real” one. It makes us slow down and pay attention as well as build stronger relationships. The whole concept of this app is very promising. As a part of Anchor community you can run your own podcast, recorder a diary or even become a Dj! And their neat and easy to use interface helps you to do it just in a few clicks. So… If you haven’t tried Anchor yet, it’s surely time to join in and start recording your own waves!

Anchor   Radio by the people

Anchor   Radio by the people    Does political correctness affect the way people express themselves   politics   by WNYC