Wholesaler Customer Pricing Shopify

You waited a long time for Wholesaler & Customer Pricing, and now it is here! No more bundles of stores, no limits on a number of customer groups, no duplications, no… the list can go on and on. Hard to believe? Too good to be true? We are not going to try to convince you with a bunch of words. Rather, go ahead, test it for free for 7 days without any installation fees, and prove it to yourself!

Wholesaler & Customer Pricing Customer Groups


Wholesaler & Customer Pricing is designed to solve your current issues when selling to different customer groups. With this newly launched app you can:

  • Serve wholesalers and retailers within the same store
  • Create unlimited amounts of customer groups
  • Apply different discount levels for different customer groups


Sounds good and it is something you need for your Shopify store? Then go ahead, give it a try and see the outcome by yourself! Remember 7 days trial and installation of Wholesaler & Customer Pricing don’t cost you anything.