Wholesale Shopify

Hey everyone. We hope you are rocking with your Shopify store and that you are a real guru of ecommerce now. However, we know that running the online store is not an easy job especially when you wholesale. It is essential to make your wholesale customers somehow special and provide them with the best customer experience as possible.

Exclusive Menu for Wholesalers & Exclusive Catalog for Wholesalers are those two special tools which will allow you to create a very unique experience for your wholesale customers.

Exclusive Menu for Wholesalers allows you to:

  • Provide your wholesalers with a completely separate menu
  • Fully customize the menu and match the needs of your business
  • Add exclusive collections, conditions and hidden features which are not available for retailers

Exclusive Catalog for Wholesalers allows you to:

  • Have two separate catalogs, one for wholesale and one for retail customers
  • Fully customize the content for each catalog
  • Display discounted products or some exclusive goods just for wholesalers

Is this something you always been looking for? Then, grab these two customizations and make your wholesale customers as happy as they’ve never been before.

P.S. Not serving wholesalers? No problem! We have a wide portfolio of customizations available for you