Black Friday Weekend Onepage Checkout Promo

Black Friday weekend is probably the most important time of the year for all businesses. You can double, triple, or even reach the moon with your sales, on this important day. Since we have less than a few months left until the big day, you need to make sure that you are ready to attract, serve, and sell to a high volume of customers. Continue reading to find out how.

Black Friday Weekend: Be Ready to Score!

We at microapps are here to help you welcome Black Friday. This time, we are providing OnePage Checkout with 50% discount. Purchase it and save 1,450 USD now! 

OnePage Checkout is an extension, which will allow you to accept multiple currencies, and provide your customers with a blazing fast checkout that is completely customizable. With OnePage Checkout, you can accept Euros, Dollars, Pounds, Yen. Literally, any currency that exists in this world.

Why test the patience of your customers? Allow them to check out without unnecessary redirections and meaningless fields. Ask only for data that is crucial for your business.  Whether you need to know desired time of delivery, allow them to add special notes, or provide additional personal information, the list can go on and on. The features OnePage Checkout offers will definitely help you to get the most out of your Black Friday sales weekend.

Black Friday weekend is the time of  year, when the only thing your customers want, is to place their desired products into their carts and press the purchase button. Don’t make them work for it! Simplify your checkout process with OnePage Checkout. Don’t loose 50% discount on it! It is valid for short period of time only!

Would you like to get a real feeling for what it is like to use OnePage Checkout? Become a customer for few seconds and try checking out with OnePage Checkout here live. We are positive you are going to love it!