We just released a new version of AbandonApp for Shopify which adds the following features:

  • You can dynamically add product images and use the product url liquid tag in the emails AbandonApp sends.
  • You can pause the whole app and resume at any time.
  • You can edit your templates with a a great wysiwyg editor.
  • You can preview the templates before sending any test email.

In order to have AbandonApp upgraded to the new version (specially for the product images feature), you need to login to AbandonApp. Albeit you have the app fully functional, Shopify will prompt you to install the app. You won’t be installing the app from scratch but allowing AbandonApp to Read Products, variants and collections. You just need to click on Install and you’re done. This set of new features is available for FREE to all AbandonApp plans. Enjoy them!