Slack: The Tool Of The Year 2015

If we were to choose the tool of the year 2015, it would most definitely be Slack. If you never heard of it… Actually I can’t imagine this situation, but just in case if you haven’t, — don’t waste any more time and just click on this link. Or if you don’t feel like signing up right now — go through this wonderful onboarding teardown by Samuel Hulick and learn how to use it quickly. And before you go on reading this post, make sure to keep in mind that the most common phrase people use regarding Slack is “It’s the best fuckin’ tool ever”. And we totally agree with it.

Slack is just two years old, but most companies from all over the globe can’t imagine their work without it anymore. When people ask me why I love it so much, I can’t come up with a rational response with a list of reasons right away. My first reaction is usually something like “Well… it’s just awesome!” I think it’s because of the fact that I’ve been using Slack for almost as long as it exists, and right now I’m completely addicted to it. But this addiction is a good one since Slack is a really simple and convenient messaging app. And personally I use it not only to talk to my co-workers at microapps, but also to message my husband about what to buy at a supermarket, and to save links to interesting resources (I have my own channel for that).

The reason why I decided to give it a try when I first saw the tool was the design. Before becoming a Creative Manager at microapps, I was a freelance web designer as well as a grumpy critic of boring and sloppy interfaces. That’s why if someone wants to make a loyal user out of me, the looks should be great. And Slack never had a problem with it. Besides, I really love their brand identity and hash logo. Internet is all about hashtags these days, and hashtags also mean communication (I talked about it a lot in my article about how to become Instagram famous). So I think they came up with a really cool and meaningful idea here.

Second reason why you should switch to Slack is the fact that it will save you from the email monster. And here you’d probably ask who the hell it is. The email monster usually appears after 2 weeks of using your brand new mailbox. And once it happens it never goes away, only gets worse. For example, when I open my inbox it usually looks pretty scary, especially on Mondays. I receive a lot of letters from applicants/social networks/people we work with outside our company/Alex and many others. I don’t even want to imagine how it would look like if all the communication between microapps team members was there, too. Thankfully, we moved it to Slack which allows different kinds of conversations including group ones. If I want to talk to our event managing team — I switch to “event-talks” channel, if developers have something urgent to discuss — they have their own space to do it as well. It’s super convenient.

Actually developers love Slack even more. Why? Because it supports integration with services like Codeship, Jenkins CI and others. Basically it allows you to see what’s going on during development process. Personally I’m not a fan of looking at all their commits, but what I like about Slack is that if I post a link to any image or video, I can see and play it inside Slack, too. And sharing files from Dropbox or Google Drive is pretty easy. And it’s possible to use customer support tools like Help Scout, Intercom or Zendesk. And you can set an integration with Trello. And… And… I think I can spend at least one hour describing the whole list of opportunities. But I think you’ve already understood why everyone loves it so much.

So yep. If you want to make your team happy — Slack is exactly what you need to go for. Besides, it’s completely responsive and you can easily talk to your coworkers from your phone. Their app is just as good as the desktop version. And very cute, too.  By the way, you might want to know that our engineers are working hand to hand with the Slack team and their API team to come up with an incredible app which will … ! To be continued 😉

Slack preview

Slack preview 2

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