Conventional ways of advertising (like paid ads on search engines and social media) work well, but might not be enough to expand your business quickly, especially if there’s competition.

Here’s an idea! Customers around the world want your product… so, why not give it to them?

Localization is the adaptation of your product or service to a market outside of your own — translation, distribution, support, and customer acquisition are all pieces of the puzzle.

…but, is it worth the time and effort to localize your store or website? We think so! Here’s why:

  • User experience. Your customers will prefer to use a website in their native languages.



  • SEO. Search engines will not easily detect your content and improve your rankings. However, if you use machine translation or other free online translator options, search engines flag machine translation as “non-human translated content.” To maximize the uplift in Google and Bing, use human translators.
  • Online Reach (Sales!). When you offer a site translated to your audience’s native language, it opens your website up to millions of people. Don’t forget to adapt your text, rather than simply translating it 1:1!


Okay — the benefits are clear… but how would you localize properly? Here are some tips:

  • Know your target market. Don’t make mistake of translating into 100 languages without understanding your users! Use Google Analytics or Alexa first.

  • Get translations right. High quality translations from a professional are critical to accuracy and relevance (Google Translate is not enough)!


  • Keep everything up-to-date. Content management, content detection, and content awareness should be automated. It’s hard enough to write good content — your team shouldn’t also need to remember what has been changed with each new release.

Great — so you’re equipped to localize your online Shopify store or website, now you need:

A tool to enable it. Companies such as Localize make ordering professional translations fast and affordable, automate (most of) the update process and integrate with Shopify for an easy, painless setup. This ultimately allows you to cater towards customers worldwide!

You can actually try the product out by clicking HERE to get a 1 month free trial!