Shopify Unite Microapps

Shopify Unite, the worldwide Shopify conference for partners, has been held for the first time in history. And microapps, one of the top Shopify developers in the world, was there, of course! More than 600 participants all around the world had an opportunity to meet each other and to hear the exciting news that Shopify had to share.

With the expanded Shopify’s API we will be able to create enhanced solutions for your Shopify stores. Now, our Shopify Apps can read aggregate data from Shopify to create insightful reports and charts for you! Also, the Tax Service API now gives us a way to hook into a Shopify store checkout and provide tax rates for you in real time!

Moreover, from now on we have access to Shopify Refund and Transaction API, that allows us to calculate and process refunds for you in a more accurate way. These are just a couple of exciting things that Shopify announced during Unite. You can definitely expect more amazing solutions to come that will definitely improve your experience as Shopify merchant.

We hope that you are as excited as we are! microapps cannot wait to present new innovative tools for your Shopify store!

Stay tuned!

Shopify unite

Shopify unite Shopify unite