Shopify Plus Experts

Hello, everyone. Today we have a very special announcement to make from microapps Shopify side of the business. So, without making long introductions, let’s go straight to the point and inform you that microapps has been listed as one of the very few partners of Shopify PLUS! Yes we can say we’re Shopify Plus Experts starting today! This is a huge milestone and very important moment for microapps. It is a moment of recognition of the hard work done by our team of experts in the Shopify apps and customizations development over all these years. So far, we have been one of the first apps developers on Shopify, and also one of the leading experts on Shopify within two categories: App Development and Store Setup. We are probably one of, maybe the only one, Shopify apps developer who has such a broad portfolio to offer.  Now, we are more than pleased to say that we are one of the few official Shopify Plus Experts worldwide!

What is Shopify Plus

For those who do not know much about Shopify Plus, let me tell you that it was launched on 9th of June as one of the easiest tools to bring solutions for your high volume online stores. It is a fully hosted cloud-based solution with super fast servers.  It works with uptime technology and it also has seamless integration with any IT Platforms which you can imagine. With Shopify Plus launch of the online store takes much less time than ever before. It is also very easy to implement thanks to its robust API. There is an app store and 24/7 support already available for you.

When do you need Shopify Plus and how much is it?

microapps and Shopify Plus

After mentioning all the details above; we can say that Shopify Plus is a great solution which can open unseen opportunities for many businesses all over the world. This is the reason why, it is important to mention that microapps is really excited to be one of the partners of such an amazing new tool of ecommerce. Our main goal is to satisfy our clients’ needs through the creation of the best apps, customizations and  by providing the finest consultation and support. So, thanks to Shopify Plus, we are taking this to the next level! Shopify Plus will allow us to help our clients to launch their Shopify store much faster than ever before. This will permit you to focus on developing a competitive and unique product or service, as well as on providing top level customer experience. Thus, with Shopify Plus we will be able to speed up the process and get everything ready for launching a tremendously successful business.


We are so ready for this. We hope you too! Don’t waste your opportunity and let’s kick off with Shopify Plus together!