Nowadays in order to keep track on what’s going on in the world (including the world of technologies) it’s not enough to just read newspapers or watch TV. In fact, no one does it anymore. Kindle’s replaced paper books, tablets are being used instead of magazines and newspapers, and Youtube is much more popular than television. People go for what’s more convenient and cheap as well as for everything that can be a timesaver. That’s exactly why podcasts are getting more and more popular every day.  It’s a great way to easily learn new skills and keep yourself updated with all the news.

When it comes to learning new information, some people say that reading is much more comfortable than listening. Usually those are people who can’t listen to audiobooks (not because they try to save paper books from complete vanishing, but because they get distracted while listening). This is understandable, and unlike reading you can’t just move your sight up a bit. Instead you’d have to stop the recording on your device and scroll it back until you find the right words. And being a person who can’t listen to audiobooks herself, I can tell that this is very uncomfortable. But podcasts are a different story.

The main difference between podcasts and audiobooks is the personal approach. When you listen to an audiobook, you listen to “mechanical reading”. There’s nothing that can keep you listening attentively apart from your own interest in knowing what happens next. This kind of approach is usually a “one-way” approach. Podcasts, on the other hand, are all about dialogs. It think of them as of audio versions of blogs and journals. It’s when someone not only shares information and gives his/her opinion on it, but it’s also when this someone wants to hear your feedback. Or it can be just a dialog between two speakers on a particular subject. But the main idea is that you don’t get distracted and you want to go on listening.

Besides, it saves you bunch of time and energy. I listen to podcasts on my way to work which takes around 1 hour. During this hour I usually listen to one small podcast for 15-20 minutes (Happier with Gretchen Rubin) and one for 40-45 minutes (TED talk, for example). And you know what? This makes me happy when I come to office because I do feel satisfied for not wasting my time on a bus and learning something new. So now let’s see which podcasts are worth listening to and why.


StartUp is a podcast series about how to dress to present your pitch to an investor or about how much of your company should you give up when you bring on a partner. In other words, it’s all about starting your business. Alex Blumberg is a great host (he even calls himself Steve Jobs of 20-40 minute podcasts). He tells real stories about how to launch your new company by using Gimlet Media as an example. I like it because he mentions those things which we might not notice, but they happen every day in America. After all, from all those thousands of startups coming up every year only 3 or 5 of them eventually succeed. And it’s really useful to take a look at “behind the scenes” processes.

The Pitch

The Pitch is a super useful podcast. All startups eventually come to this point where they need to pitch their companies to investors. And listening to The Pitch is really helpful. If you don’t know anything about venture capitals — don’t worry, it’s fine. I didn’t know a thing myself couple of weeks ago. But The Pitch saves the day! Even the very first episode of the show will give you a lot of necessary tips and information. It’s like Shark Tank, but with real fundable companies and real money. 


If you’re a girl — you might like this one. And if you’re a girl who wants to be a boss — you’ll love it even more. This podcast is about world-class Girlbosses who have made their mark in creative, cultural, and business ventures to extract solid advice from the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Taking in consideration that nearly every magazine these days writes about the fact that being a workoholic is awesome, Girlboss radio helps to see why it’s worth becoming one.


If you’re wondering about if it’s even possible to become happier after listening to this podcast, here’s my answer: “Yes, you can”. Happier is my most favourite podcast because each episode gives you small tips on how to improve your life or raise your mood which actually do work. Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft are wonderful hostesses. I didn’t even think that having a “One sentence a day” diary or lightning a “Midnight sky” candle during my work hours could make such a difference. Besides, each episode lasts for around 20 minutes, so you can always make some time to listen to this podcast. It’s very addictive!


Everyone knows TED, a wonderful community which shares free knowledge from the world’s most inspired thinkers. Personally I do love watching their videos but not always do I have an opportunity to do it. That’s where their podcasts become helpful. Each episode covers general and interesting topics such as happiness, innovation, headspace, creativity medicine and others. And you learn a lot of interesting things. Like, for example, one of my favourite episodes is about beauty. I didn’t know that international vision of beauty is a picture of a landscape with water, mountains, grass and indication of birds and animals. As well as I didn’t know that in almost every country the majority of people choose blue as their favourite color. Personally I listen to TED because I’m super happy knowing things like this. Aren’t you?