5 Ideas To Recharge Yourself During Holidays

5 ideas to recharge yourself during holidays

Today is the last day of the year 2015. Usually at this very moment people feel exhausted, tired, preoccupied, stressed, confused, lost.. (this list could be continued by other "heavy" adjectives I have forgotten to mention). And it's totally normal since we've…

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Tools To Boost Your Productivity

Tools to boost your productivity

December is well known for being the busiest month of the year.  Christmas and New Year preparations, company parties, raids for finding the best gifts ever, finishing all those “will leave it for later” tasks, making plans for an upcoming…

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Malaga Is The City To Fall In Love With

Malaga is the city to fall in love with

It's not a secret that our office is located in Malaga, one of the biggest cities in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe. You may have already noticed on Instagram that besides sharing pictures of our everyday company…

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How To Become Instagram Famous

How to become Instagram famous

Everyone knows this revolutionary and addictive app called Instagram. It was released back in 2010, when people were obsessed with their phone cameras. And this obsession required a social network (as any obsession does these days). Today is almost the…

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NDA Contract

NDA contract

This tiny post is just for you guys to know that we use NDA. And I strongly suggest to first read it (which you can do here) before applying for our vacancies. You'd have to sign it the very first day you go…

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New Rules About Personal Data Within EU

New rules about personal data within EU

In early October, the EU Court of Justice invalidated the US “Safe Harbor” agreement regarding Transatlantic transfer of EU user data. It is the responsibility of national authorities of EU member states to ensure that the country-recipient of transferred data…

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