MoonMail Recover Checkouts Promo

Hi, microapps fans! Today we decided to highlight one of our oldest and top apps, MoonMail Recover Checkouts, and to have a look at one of the biggest headaches of online store owners.

Seeing that customer keeps adding your products to his/her cart, but those products never turn into orders, is truly upsetting. You start questioning “why?”. Well, normally the answer to this question is straightforward. Sometimes he/she just very naturally forgets. You’ve probably been wondering how to solve this problem. Don’t worry anymore! microapps already has a solution for you- MoonMail Recover Checkouts. And guess what? You can get it for free without any long-term obligations! A free plan is available to all Shopify stores!

MoonMail Recover Checkouts

MoonMail Recover Checkouts is a fully automatic solution designed to reach your customers with a few clicks! MoonMail Recover Checkouts allows you to:

  • Activate one of 5 email templates, fully customize timings, and pause or unpause the app and the templates at any second
  • Customize your templates for international customers: choose which template to use for which country
  • Play with liquid tags to show the products images and dynamic data in the email sent to your visitors

Would you like to put an end to losing sales? Eager to try MoonMail Recover Checkouts? Remember, it has a free plan, without any obligations, available for you!