Microapps Team

Last week, microapps team got out of the office and went to one of the most beautiful places in Spain to let the creativity, and new ideas flow. During three intense days in Tarifa, team building, future strategy creation, and other exercises were conducted.

Team Building

Special attention was given to the microapps team building. Although microapps has operating already over 7 years, its team is relatively young. microapps employs more and more specialists every year and as a result, it is crucial to build and maintain a good atmosphere within the team, integrate and create a sense of belongingness of each microapps team member. In Tarifa, different microapps teams; ShopifyMoonMailMONEI and Amazon had some quality time together. They helped each other to learn how to kitesurf, ride horses, do Yoga and Kung Fu. Such activities built the sense of trust, created a calm and relaxed atmosphere and served as a foundation for the employees to work harmoniously with each other on a day to day basis.

microapps team

Business Action Formation

Everyday MoonMail team had few hours for defining MoonMail and for brainstorming future strategies and areas of focus. They had to think how MoonMail could look in the future, what features it could have and why it would be useful. The entire microapps team also helped MoonMail team to do a fast exercise aiming to answer key questions: What is MoonMail? Who uses MoonMail? What benefits MoonMail offers? How is it different from its competitors? Such questions not only allowed to brainstorm MoonMail as an email marketing platform but also created a clear and unified definition of MoonMail and stressed its unique points which are crucial while  competing in the email marketing world.

microapps team

On the other hand, microapps Shopify team had the honor to learn from the specialist of Shopify how to sell, communicate with customers and grow the e-commerce market. Director of Shopify LatAm, Eduardo Castañeda went  through key selling points of main Shopify plans. He organised the small team selling exercise which allowed the team to see a clear picture of the needs and wants of the person who wants to open an online store. Moreover, Eduardo stressed the importance of clear and constant communication with the merchant. He showed the tools which can help to improve such communication and build a loyal group of customers. microapps Shopify team together with Eduardo brainstormed the things needed to be done in order to increase the e-commerce market, especially in Spain. Clear steps and one-year action plan were set to achieve great results in the Shopify part of microapps.

Now, microapps team is back to the office to serve customers with the amazing tools such as MONEIMoonMailShopify apps and customizations. The team is back full of energy,  with new ideas, and strategies and is ready to kick off!