Malaga Is The City To Fall In Love With

It’s not a secret that our office is located in Malaga, one of the biggest cities in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe. You may have already noticed on Instagram that besides sharing pictures of our everyday company life, we’re trying to show you how beautiful and versatile this place is. And it’s exactly the city to fall in love with. Warm air, soft sea waves, fresh juices and bright colors are everywhere. If you haven’t been here yet — this post will give you at least ten reasons to pack your bag and come over. And if you have — you’ll find even more reasons to come back.

Malaga is located in the far south of the Iberian Peninsula, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s the capital of the Costa del Sol and a ridiculously busy tourist destination. Because of its strategic location, Malaga was ruled by many great civilizations like Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs. As a result we have this beautiful cultural diversity which is one of the reasons why Malaga’s become a candidate for the 2016 European Capital of Culture. And we haven’t even talked about Pablo Picasso, Alcazaba and other amazing museums yet.

When I ask our candidates if they’re willing to relocate to work with us in-house, the most popular answer I get is: “Hell yes! Who doesn’t want to enjoy 300 days of sun and warm weather?” I also don’t know who doesn’t. Seasons come and seasons go expression is definitely not about Malaga. Maybe for locals it’s a bit different, but for a person who moved from Russia (which I am) it pretty much feels like heaven. Today is 22th of December, and it hasn’t been raining for almost 2 months already. Isn’t it awesome? I think it is.

Even though Malaga is the sixth largest city in Spain, it’s not crazy and super busy like Paris or Berlin or Saint Petersburg, for example. When you come here you immediately notice this calm and relaxed atmosphere. I think the best word to describe Malaga is “friendly”. People are never grumpy here: they smile a lot and are always willing to help. Instead of running for work and chewing a sandwich on their way, they prefer to have a proper breakfast. Instead of going to sleep at 11 pm because of the need to wake up in 7 hours for work, they go hang out or sing or dance. And in general, if you want to see all the fun — go out after 10 pm, that’s exactly the time.

Usually when I go somewhere I always do my best to try as many local dishes as possible. And I think it’s a must to mention that Malaga is very “delicious”, too. When you decide to go and enjoy the beach, make sure to try roasted sardines, they’re super yummy. Fried fish is the standard food for malagueños (people of Malaga). Besides, there’re such cool things like migas (a dish made with breadcrumbs, garlic and eggs), camprepo (grilled sandwich, goes with vegetables, ham and cheese), papa asada (stuffed baked potato), boquerones en vinagre (white anchovies) and many others. And when it comes to drinks, the most typical product is Malaga wine which is made of Muscat grape. And if you’re not a fan of alcohol, you’ll find 10 different ways to drink coffee.

Malaga is also big on traditions. Personally I can’t stop admiring all those nice things that make this city so special. For example, Biznaga. Some people think that it’s just a floral design, but actually it’s so much more than that. Yes, those basically are handcrafted “flowers” of jasmine with a very strong, summery aroma. But when you see it and smell it — you’ll understand where all that inspiration for love songs and poems comes from. Another popular tradition is the Holy Week that takes place in spring. Since Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday all brotherhoods in Malaga go on a procession, representing the Passion of Christ. It looks pretty much impressive.

And if you haven’t made up your mind yet about coming to Malaga, I’ll just say that it’s a city for everyone. If you’re a shopoholic — you’ll find plenty of beautiful stores all around the city. If you’re an IT person, there’s PTA (Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía) which unites a lot of businesses and companies. If you’re a student, Malaga and it’s University are a popular destination within Erasmus program. If you have a dog — bring it over, they love dogs here (some even have 2 or 3 of them). If you have kids — they’ll be absolutely happy with all those parades and nerdy-geeky events. So yep. Just come and see it for yourself!