Become A Smarter You

Aldous Huxley once said: “There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self”.  And he was right. These days more and more people are starting to realise that personal development is something we all need to be engaging in throughout life. The constant process of learning new things has become new sexy. All those new books on “How to…”, courses, meetups, blogs, video channels and other resources perfectly prove that people seek knowledge and inspiration for getting better at something. And IT people are no exception. In this article we’ve decided to share a list of our favourite sources that can help you become a smarter you. So let’s get started!


Codeschool is an online educating platform for developers created by Envy Labs. They have more than 30 video courses in different technologies and programming languages. Those are really fun because not only do you get to watch actual tutorials, but you are also given challenges to complete afterwards. For example, if you take course in HTML5/CSS3, you’ll be performing your tasks in text editor which looks very similar to the one you use for work. Envy and Code School’s philosophy is that there should be a seamless transition between what the user learns and what the user does after taking a course. And it’s exactly why so many programmists and designers from all over the world love it so much!

Envato Tuts

Tuts+ is a place to learn new skills. It used to be a separate marketplace but right now it’s a part of Envato community. This resource, in comparing with CodeSchool, is more generic. You can find not only courses in coding and programming, but also in design, photography, music and even business. This wide range of topics if understandable because Envato unites many different marketplaces offering all kinds of digital products. And they have both video courses and written tutorials. Each course usually includes several hours of video, organized into chapters and bite-size lessons.

Start Learning at Treehouse for Free

Treehouse’s goal is to teach each and everyone to write perfect code and make awesome design for Web, iOS and Android. Just as CodeSchool, they provide the practicing part which consists from quizzes and interactive code challenges. Those really help to memorise the material better and understand how it all works in real world. Besides, Treehouse has a pretty cool motivation system: you’ll be earning nicely looking badges for completing courses and these will be visible not only for you but also for recruiters from big companies. And… They have a pretty awesome logo which is the first sign of high quality stuff! Learn professional JavaScript tools with Tutorial Videos Training eggheadio

Egghead is a project created by John Lindquist whose goal is to make well-organised video tutorials. First of all, it’s THE place to learn Angular and React JS. Even though you won’t find any practices after watching the videos, tutorials themselves cover a lot of useful topics that you probably wouldn’t find elsewhere. And they are not only good for newbies but for experienced developers as well.

Pluralsight Unlimited online training for IT Developer and Creative pros

Pluralsight is a big platform primarily focused on web design and development.  They cover basic and advanced subjects for IT professionals and developers on the job, and their library is so giant that it’s really hard to choose the course you want to learn next. You can even become a pro in Architecture and Construction if you choose to! By the way, Pluralsight subscribers also have access to the complete catalog of courses at Digital Tutors, a site dedicated to design software, and creative professionals.


Skillshare is an online learning community where famous creators teach real-world skills. What I like most about it is REAL-WORLD part. It does take after Tuts+ in a sense of idea and interface, but the content is very different. On Skillshare you can find such classes as calligraphy, mixology, scrapbooking, photography, inking and many others. To me it’s an opportunity to rest from Photoshop and Illustrator, or even from computer screen in general. I took calligraphy and plush toy making courses last month, and loved it lots! Just like Tuts+ it’s not free to use, but that little price they charge per month is really worth the wide range of skills they teach.