How To Organise Your Workspace

Happy Thursday everyone! We have some news regarding our current location. You all know that at the moment microapps is based in PTA (Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía). Our coworking is a great place, but we’ve decided to get something for our team only. Something cozy, spacy and geeky. Something where we would feel like at home and where we could do crazy stuff without bothering anyone else. If you know any nice places/lofts/attics in Malaga, please let us know right away! And meanwhile, we’ve decided to write an article about how to organise your workspace. After all, we’ll need it pretty soon! 🙂

Work is not just a way of earning money. It’s also a place where we spend most of our time. Each person wants to feel comfortable during these 8 hours, but not always is it possible. Why? Because comfort is not just having your favourite cup on your desk (though, this too). Comfort depends on many aspects such as color, sounds, temperature, lightning, decor, furniture and many others. Let’s see why they are so important and how to make your office the best place in the whole world.


Noise is one of the most common concentration breakers. In order to avoid listening to sounds of siren/dogs barking/kids crying/other people talking, make sure to take a good care of your windows. For example, you can get a special architectural tape and stick it to your window. It increases the mechanical strength of the glass, saves heat and protects it from direct sunlight. Or you can choose curtains made of dense materials. Not only do they muffle the sound, but they also provide comfort. I am not speaking about ear protectors here, because they are the least comforting variant.

Temperature is another important aspect. Do you know that the ideal temperature for offices is 22 degrees? If you make it lower, people start freezing and can catch a cold. If you make it higher, the speed of work and productivity decrease immediately. A good way to monitor your office temperature is having a thermometer hanging somewhere next to your workspace. Or you could get one of those simple IKEA clocks with temperature option to put on your desk.

When it comes to colors, it’s better to choose universal light shades. White, beige and eggshell colors  visually enlarge the space and reflect the natural light from the windows. Bright colors are good but it’s better to use them in small portions (table lamps, mouses and boxes, for example ). Besides, each color has a meaning. Do you need to de-stress? Blue is the right color to help you calm down. If you feel weak and feel in need of recharging your energy, choose red. Pink color helps to cope with irritation, aggression, loneliness and sadness. Yellow is refreshing, and orange can boost your self-esteem and enthusiasm.

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Here’s the thing you should remember when choosing a chair: no hard surfaces. If you don’t have an opportunity to get a soft office chair, at least go and get a cushion. Another important thing is armrests (they help a lot when it comes to hand and back relaxation). The armrests should be placed the way where you can bend your elbows at 90 degrees. The height of the chair must be adjusted independently (thighs parallel to the floor, feet on the floor etc).

Table selection depends on the type of work you do. If you spend all the time at the computer, your table can be small. If you do both, computer and paperwork, it would be nice to get a table shaped as letters L or U. In any case, try to avoid giant tables (they eat up too much space). The height of the table depends on your height. It’s important that in a sitting position the distance between the knees and the table top is around 20 centimeters. As for the materials, wood is preferable.

Good lightning is usually one of the main problems. Ideally, you should know how to combine and balance the natural, the ceiling (or wall) and table lighting.Ceiling lights should be positioned directly above the work area. This kind of lightning is meant to support, but not lead. That’s why you should make sure to choose a nice table lamp for your desk. As for light bulbs, LED ones are the most economical and environmentally friendly option.

Decor is what creates this cozy look and feel. Get rid of dull office stationary in favour of the rabbit-shaped stapler, lamps made of wrought iron, cushions for chairs made of sheepskin, ergonomic organizers for cables and textile boxes for documents. Think of decorating your walls with mood boards, mindmaps, travel maps, pins, sketches, uncommon illustrations and other funny things. The main approach is be creative!


Plants are good but before buying them first think of how much time you can devote to taking care of them. Next, decide how much money you can spend on your greenhouse. A great budget option might be to break a small garden with herbs (mint, lavender, rosemary, thyme etc). And don’t forget to ask your colleagues to water your plants during the holidays!