Get Your Shopify Store Assessment Christmas Gift

Hey everyone! It’s that time of year again when we’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you – our valued and very best Shopify store owners. We’d like to show our gratitude by passing on something worthwhile to you and your customers. That “something” is a 100% free Shopify store assessment worth $473. Isn’t it great? Keep reading to find out more about this assessment and how to redeem it!

FREE Shopify Store Assessment

You’re probably wondering what exactly the Shopify store assessment is and what exactly it has to offer. Shopify store assessment is a completely personal and manual assessment of your store made by our professional and highly experienced engineers.

The engineers will look at your store from many different perspectives, allowing you to get the best evaluation of your store. Your store will be assessed on SEO, meta descriptions, SEM, Customer Experience and other shop success-related criteria. You’ll receive a document containing these criteria along with your individual assessment results in your email. This will allow you to easily understand where to begin working on your store improvements right away!

Is there a more valuable Christmas gift for you as a Shopify store owner than external objective opinion? Yes, there is: A valid assessment provided by one of Shopify’s top experts!

Redeem my Shopify Store Assessment

Can’t wait to get your gift? Perfect! It’s simple and takes only a few seconds of your time. The only thing you need to do is to access the short “Free Assessment” form by clicking on “Redeem my Free Shopify Store Assessment NOW!”. Once you state your name, email address and url of your Shopify Store, you just need to click “submit my request”.

After you submit your request, our engineers will begin working on assessing your store and will send you the Free Assessment document.

We truly hope that this early Christmas gift will be something you’ve been looking for and that will help you in taking the necessary actions to maximize the success of your store.