Ecommerce News Tarifa

Have you seen the new microapps promotional video?  The microapps team spent 3 days in Tarifa, working and filming the brand new video for all of you out there!

Now, you not only can get to know microapp as a brand, but also each and every single one of the microapps team members. Have you been in contact with Enrique, Ivana, Rocio, Marija or any of our other team members? Next time, when you do, it is going to be much easier.

From Alex, our CEO: “ Each microapps team member works very hard every day to deliver the best results and customer service to every one of you. The video filmed in Tarifa was meant to help build the bridge between microapps and you.  In this way, we can bring the communication between all of us, to the next level. We hope you will enjoy it.
Watch the video and get to know us!