Shopify Support Tickets

Wow! 😮 We are thrilled to see just how far we have gone with Shopify. Today we’ve reached 10,000 solved Shopify support tickets and we could not have done this without you! Truly, you are the best customers and we cannot thank you enough.

It is incredible to see how microapps’ Shopify journey started and escalated. We have been one of the first app developers on Shopify with one of the most popular apps: MoonMail Recover Checkouts (previously AbandonApp). We grew together with Shopify and we kept creating solutions for your Shopify stores. Now we are one of the leading experts on Shopify. We have a broad portfolio of apps and customizations to offer you. Do you think we will stop here? Definitely not! We promise we will keep delivering the best solutions and services for your Shopify Stores.

P.S. Stay tuned! New surprises are coming up shortly 😉

Thank you! Thank you! And once more Thank you! For beeing such an amazing customers!