Be Happier!

It’s a well known fact that negative events have a greater impact on our brains than positive ones do. Very often we say “I’m so unhappy about…” instead of  saying “I’m happy because…” Professor Nass, a Stanford researcher, explains that negative emotions generally involve more thinking, and the information is processed more thoroughly than positive ones. That’s why we usually talk about unpleasant events and use stronger words to describe them. But does it always have to be this way? Not really. In this post we’ll talk about nicely designed apps which can help you start appreciating life more and simply be happier!


First of all, we want to talk about Headspace. What they do can be described as breaking down stereotypes. If you’ve always thought that meditation is boring or religious, takes a lot of time and you have to sit still to do it.. Well, you’ve been wrong. Headspace not only can teach you how to do it right, step by step, but it also proves that mediation can be lots of fun. Just take a look at their wonderful designs! And think of it as of your personal fitness trainer. The only difference is that by listening to their sessions you can improve your mental shape instead of physical. They also have free “Take 10 programme” which allows you to learn basics of meditation by investing just 10 minutes of your day. Sounds cool, right?

Happier Community Happier

Happier is a community of people who know how to appreciate every day of life. It was founded three years ago by Nataly Kogan. When you open this application you can see that users simply write about their happy moments. Like, for example, yesterday was a Valentine’s day, and a girl named Chloe shared: “I had the best day yesterday! A girl can survive without a valentines, but she cannot survive without her best friend”. When you read things like this, you automatically start looking at your own life from a different angle. Positive one. Happier one. The ability to see good in things is important, and we shouldn’t forget about it.

Besides, Nataly herself is one bright and positive individual. One more way to become happier is to watch her “Creative Mornings” talk:

Another tool which can help you change your attitude towards positive thinking is mood tracking app. There are many of them available for both iOS and Android, but most of them have extremely flexible logging system, making it easy to keep track of any mood related information such as anxiety, depression, anger, panic attacks, headaches, cramps, nausea and any other records. By recording your mood for a month or two, you can finally see your “life pattern”. Sometimes you can be depressed for weeks without even realising it. That’s why having this “mood schedule” is really helpful. As for apps themselves, we really like using Mr Mood. It costs 99 cents and is extremely easy and comfortable to use. Just press one button and that’s it!

So the happiness recipe is rather simple: dedicate 10 days to meditation or your feelings observation, share your happy moments and pay attention to your mood. It works!