5 Ideas To Recharge Yourself During Holidays

Today is the last day of the year 2015. Usually at this very moment people feel exhausted, tired, preoccupied, stressed, confused, lost.. (this list could be continued by other “heavy” adjectives I have forgotten to mention). And it’s totally normal since we’ve made it through another year! By “we’ve made it” I mean all those things that happened during this period of time: big changes, vital decisions, happy days, sad days, meeting new people, losing someone, politics and its outcome.. Shortly speaking, the basket of 2015 must be totally full right now. What we need to do is to close it and get ready for a new one. And to do so, we, first of all, need to relax!

In Russia we usually have 11 days off to get in shape for new year and adventures. I don’t know why it’s so long but I can tell that these 11 days in grey and rainy Saint Petersburg are sort of a lifesaver. Since the main religion there is Orthodoxy, we don’t celebrate anything on 25th of December. And for you not to get confused here about why I even speak about Russia, I’ll just remind you that me (the author of this post) is originally from there, and I moved to Malaga just 3 months ago. Anyway, the point is that even though over here people don’t get to spend 11 days in a row at home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t recharge yourself after partying and celebrating. Actually, that’s exactly what you need to do since The New Year = fresh start + clear mind

—————————————   Clear your mind   —————————————

The very first thing to do could be getting rid of junk in your mind. And in order to distract from thinking about how you could have made the outgoing year better, start making a list of things you’d like to do after 31st of December. It seems like working since so many people do it these days. I tried it myself last year, and even though I haven’t crossed out all things from my annual goals list, I remember myself being totally happy and satisfied while writing them down. Besides, if it wasn’t true, all those stationary giants like Moleskine, Leuchtturm and Piccadilly wouldn’t be selling 10 kinds of planners every year. I think those make really nice Christmas gifts, too.

—————————————   Watch a movie   —————————————

Another way to relax is to choose a nice movie to watch. And it’s even a “must do” just in case if you’re lacking the holiday mood (like I am). There are so many wonderful Christmas films which are really able to make you feel better. As for example, I am a big fan of “Love actually”, “The Holiday”, “While you were sleeping”, “Serendipity” and “Home alone”. They are super kind, warm and make you feel good the second you push that play button. But if you don’t like holiday movies — there’re always cartoons! I am sure there’s no way that “The Lion King” or other Disney awesomeness can’t make you smile or laugh. And no, I don’t have anything against Pixar. It’s just that Disney = childhood.

—————————————   Say “NO” to gadgets   —————————————

Getting rid of gadget addiction for couple of days is also important. Just imagine how much time you’ve already lost by staring at your phone or computer screen. I don’t mean the time you spend on working or doing something important. What I mean is all those meaningless clicks you do just to keep yourself somehow busy when you don’t know what else to do. Just switch it all off and forget about your facebook friends, instagram account, mailbox and other “necessary” tools for two-three days. I promise it will feel so much better afterwards!

—————————————   Spend more time outside   —————————————

Once you made sure your gadgets are off, could be great to go outside. Unfortunately, most of our time we spend locked up inside (both: at work and at home). And if you really want to recharge yourself — fresh air is the solution for sure. Go for a long walk or organise a picnic with your loved ones. Personally I went for a short walk during my lunch break yesterday. I sat for 20 minutes right next to the sea, listening to my favourite songs. And it felt super nice! After I came back I was full of energy and it seemed like I could conquer the world! Plus, I’ve noticed that when you’re outside time flies slower than usual. If you don’t want to just got for a walk — visit a place that you’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t had a chance to. And don’t forget to take your camera with you!

—————————————   Spoil yourself   —————————————

And don’t forget to spoil yourself! It surely helps for us to become happier and shinier human beings. Go buy yourself something cool, even if it’s a small thing (it’s all about small things, right?) Even a nice cup representing one of “Inside out” characters from the Disney shop can make a difference. Or if you’re a girl who tries her best not to eat sugar but wants to — go visit patisserie and get yourself something extremely yummy and deliciously looking. If you’re a guy who’s fond of robots and electronics — spoil your geeky side and go for arduino or quadrocopter. Whatever works for you!

Anyway, I think you got the main idea. Make sure to relax as much as possible to prepare yourself for the New Year, it’s important. Besides, the Chinese Horoscope says that 2016 is going to be the year of fire monkey! And it reminds me of tons of energy, troubles (in a good way) and fun 🙂

5 ideas to recharge yourself during holidays