Amazon AWS Consulting

Amazon’s cloud computing capabilities provide IT architects and internet access providers with data storage, dubbed S3 for Simple Storage System, and resizable cloud-computing capacity, aka EC2 for Elastic Compute Cloud that enables them to tap Amazon’s information banks for their enormous expandability and incremental pay with usage features.

The S3’s Effortless Storage Capability

Amazon offers this resizable framework that facilitates Internet-based document safe-keeping. Your information is always readily retrievable, and you are continually assured of infinitely more space to accommodate your needs.

EC2’s Processing Capacity

Pay-as-you-go usage of Amazon’s formidable virtual processing capacity can be resized for greater or lesser capability to meet your dynamic needs.

Amazon’s EBS (Elastic Block storage)

This complements EC2’s document safe-keeping. It is akin to having an external/portable drive that you can plug into your EC2, and data-prints can be made effortlessly, thus preserving your information’s integrity and enabling you to easily retrieve what you need.

Amazon AWS Consulting

The microapps Amazon AWS Consulting Process

We can interface with your engineers at various levels: we can either be your consulting team for every aspect of your server’s operations, or we can offer back-up on an as-needed basis. With microapps, you would have total AWS exploitations skills.

microapps advisory services are intrinsically tailored to individual customer needs and yet, we follow this overall methodology in new relationships:

  • Preliminary Evaluation: As a result of our preliminary fact-finding, we would present you with an estimate of what our preliminary deployment would cost.
  • Thorough Investigation: We inspect your ongoing processes and come up with a plan based on industry standards.
  • Execution: We can either provide your engineers with back-up or actually implement plan findings on your behalf.
  • Assistance and Upkeep Services: we then evaluate your continuing requirements and develop a customized and budget-based proposal for ongoing maintenance services.

What Sets microapps Apart for AWS Solutions

microapps has been assisting clients with their S3 and EC2 needs since Amazon first launched these in 2006. We have thus amassed extensive knowhow in incorporating current IT processes and practices into the recent upsurge of Amazon’s limitlessly expandable outcomes.

microapps also offers a wide choice of web hosting facilities that boost your EC2’s effectiveness. Our client-tailored combination approach enhances consistency and reduces dependence on just one enterprise or group for optimal online usage.

Common Amazon AWS Consulting Tasks we perform

Build a Tailored AMI

By developing a customer-tailored Amazon Machine Image, clients can measurably delineate their requirements and cut down substantially on their arrangement and deployment periods.

AWS’s VPC Platform

Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud configuration enables clients to fully take charge of their networking connections. At microapps, we invariably endorse this for AWS usage.

Databank Organization

For optimal functioning, resilience and accessibility, microapps technicians are able to work with all of No-SQL banks, MongoDB, SimpleDB, DynamoDB, and SQL (including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL), as well as No-SQL information archives.

Wide-Ranging Package Adaptation

AWS provisions are on many occasions adapted for simultaneous usage for specific problems. Our Amazon AWS Consulting team can assist you in maximizing Amazon’s Application Programming Interface to systemize your process.